Choy Li Fut Course Level 1

Choy Li Fut Course Level 1
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You will train the primary aspects of the Southern Style Tiger Claw Choy Li Fut System.  A very popular and effective Chinese Martial Art System.  This Level 1 Class will run for 29 sessions, (3 Months) till Jan 30, 2018, The curriculum will include the :

  • primary theories,
  • primary strikes,
  • footwork drills
  • one weapon
  • bone condition (wooden dummy)
  • primary kicks, 
  • fundamental joint locks,
  • throws

You will also learn 3 Dui Lin (Combat Sets) to practice solo and in 2 man drills.

Course Schedule: 

Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and the 2nd Saturday per month at 11am.

During the 3 months course you will be given access to the facilty to train in the facilty during off days.

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