11 Day Meditation Challenge : January 2017

11 Day Meditation Challenge : January 2017
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The Live audio from the January 2017 11 Day Meditation Challenge.

Every 11 Day Challenge is creatively different in format, topics, and meditations. They transform based on the season, current events and requests from followers.  Even when the same topic is covered, it is put into new contexts. 

Each day is divided into 2 tracks :

Introduction : A discussion on the topic for the day and helpful tips for developing your meditation program.

Meditation : I guide you through a meditation, that lasts 8-12 minutes.

The January 2017 Outline 
22 separate mp3 files that are tagged and photo'd for easy mp3 player and iTunes navigation.

D1 Get Grounded

    What getting grounded, doesn't mean.

    The Body Will Follow The Mind

D2 Get Centered : 

    Meditation Starts :  6:30 Mediation Length : 9:30 min

    Three External Ingredients and One Internal Ingredient to Good Sleep    

    When Someone Steps On Your Toe, and You Don’t Say Anything

    The Counsel of Being Centered

    Prosecution and Defense of Self

    Using Three Incense

D3 : Get Shielded : 

    The Milestone Zone

    Excuse Free Training

    Being Balanced Doesn’t Mean You Are Upright

    Emotional Leaning

    Shield Thru Focus

    The Mechanical Alignments and Stacking of Standing Meditation (Posting)

D4 : Give Your Thoughts Plenty of Room :

    Embodied Knowledge

    Filling the Teacup Breath

D5  : Extend the Perimeter : 

    Bit and Harness

    Use Supportive Elements : Incense, Flame : 

    Focus on Solutions, Routines : 

    Attitude Effort Focus


D6 : Sacred Space

    Days We Don’t Feel Like It

D7 : Be Yourself :

    Who knows you the best

D8 : Let Go

    3 Area’s to Let Go and 1 Golden Rule

    Possessions (Objects)

    Results (Circumstances)


    Lesson Expectations

    What are reasonable expectations?

    How does our inner-self work with expectations?

    Don’t Let Go of Desire’s or Goals, rather

    Let Go of labeling yourself a failure if it doesn’t work out

    Rotating thru my list

    The Point of Dimensioning Returns


D9 : Simplify

    We can make it complicated

    The Body Follows the Mind

    Bending Nails

    3 Types of Meditation Basis (Pragmatic, Philosophical and Personal)

    Sifting Together    


D10 : Getting Direction

Are You Doing Anything,  Asking Why are you Doing it
What’s Your objective
3 primary reasons for practice,
Term Meditation is about as vague as sport
The shape of all things that have natural power
The One Truth
Use the North Star



D11 : Review the brick and mortar of a meditational programs.
3 Fundamental Breathing exercises.
What your objectives?