8 Pieces of Silk QiGong

8 Pieces of Silk QiGong
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An Ancient Form of Chinese Exercise 

Change How You Feel with the 8 Pieces of Silk QiGong

One of the earliest QiGong routines ever recorded. It is also simple and versatile.

Whether you are 25 and looking to stay in good health or 85 and want to feel as good as you can.. this routine can benefit you.

Benefits You Can Expect :

  • Upper Body Tone
  • Leg Strength and Stability
  • Flexibity
  • Balance
  • Mental Focus, and
  • Coordination

Who Can Use This Program?

This video was recorded while teaching a small group of beginners. One of which was in a chair.

​Features in this product:

2 Video's Instructing all 8 QiGong Exercises

2 additional instructional video's

An Instructional E-Handbook

Nearly 30 minutes of video,  It was recorded as Sifu Smith was teaching to beginning students.

It is excellent for beginners or for folks who want to supplement their fitness and/or meditation routines.

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Specs: Portable Version : 720x480, MP4 Format

Considering these are videos, you may want to get on a Wi-Fi.



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