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Content Member Download Table

Brand: Tai Chi Kung Fu Center
Availability: 100

Here is a sample list of what Content Members have had access too. Support our programming and get more content, by joining as a Monthly Member, Full Member, Lifetime. You can compare the Memberships.

Name Date Type




Qin Na : Beginners Package : Catch Drill Video, Basic Components of Joint Locks Video, 36 Joint Lock Series PDF, Qin Na PowerPoint 9/2015 Multi   No Yes
Reeling Silk Tai Chi and QiGong Video : Set 1 8/2015 Mp4   Free  
Strategies and Tactics Versus Multiple Assailants - Ebook 7/14/15 PDF   No Yes
Revamped Streaming Audio Area for Members, Sorted by Style, Lessons, Listen on Site, Download and/or Subscribe by Feed and have delivered directly to your device. 5/12/15 Upgraded     Yes
Reeling Silk TaiJi QiGong Ebook Draft : 80 pages, 11,000 words 3/18/15 PDF   No Yes
Raw Class Recordings - 22 Audio's - Tai Ji, PaQua, Meditations 3/13/15 Mp3     Yes
Shaolin Monastery History and Myths Audiobook : 1-hour 40 minutes 3/9/15 mp3,m4b     Yes
Shiatsu / Acupressure 30 min Audiobook and PDF Ebook Outline of Course 3/4/15 M4b, PDF     Yes
Shiatsu Workshop Audio 4 Mp3 files 3/2/15     No Yes
Floor Routine : Strength - Flexibility - Meditation 30 min 2/13/15 MP3     Yes
Workshop Participation Online Students & Members 2/8       Only
Shaolin Nei Gung Core 1 Round 2/1 MP3     Yes
BaGua Hawk Catches Sparrow Private Lesson 1/28/15 MP3     Yes
Saturday Class : Chikung and 9 Spot 1/19/15 MP3     Yes
KFP 26 : Marine Corp Martial Arts Programs 1/16/15 PDF   No Yes

Mindset : Growth and Fixed - Shownotes and Research :      Two Downloads for this one :)

1/16/15 PDF, Zip   No Yes
Buddha in Bluejeans 1 thru 3 on the RSS Feed, Rest will go out this month. 1/15/15 RSS   No Yes
Intentions and Routines PDF Shownotes 1/2/15 PDF   No Yes
Zen Meditation Series


MP3 / Audio Book     Yes
Bagua Pushhands Video - 17 min 12/2014 MP4 Yes    
Bagua Pushhands Ebook Summary Coming epub/pdf Yes   Yes
Cloud Hands PDF 11/2014   Yes   Yes
Cloud Hands Audio 11/2014   Yes    
Organ Cleansing ChiKung Ebook 12/2014   Yes Yes  
PDF of Podcasts Weekly PDF Yes Yes Yes
KungFu Family Center - Class Recordings
Weekly Website   Students who are Content Members  
Meditation Fundamentals 11/2014 PDF & MP3 Yes