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Podcast-85 : Mindfulness, When the Moment Sucks

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Mindfulness has become a brand of meditation. Even though Mindfulness is just one part of well-rounded mental and emotional development program.

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During this Podcast :

Why is Mindfulness being pushed like a silver bullet? What are the Pro's and Con's of the marketing and media campaign?

Do magazine's have the responsibilty to tell it's consumers the whole truth, or just enough so that you visit their sites or buy their magazines?

Neuroscientist's in the field of mindfulness and meditation are concerned that there is a mis-representation of the facts.

When is Mindfulness as a state mind useful? When is it almost useless?

What are the circumstances that makes it worth the practice?

Mindfulness : When the Moment Sucks Podcast

Mindfulness Meditation : What it's Worth When the Moment Sucks?


In This Podcast :


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