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14 Day Get Stronger Meditation Program
The Get Stronger 14 Day Meditation Program is designed to provide : 1. Continuation for thos..
BaGua WindMill Exercise
Core Motions of BaGua are captured in this 7 movement in-line form. This beginners instructional rev..
Choy Li Fut Course Level 1
You will train the primary aspects of the Southern Style Tiger Claw Choy Li Fut System.  A very..
Clinical TaiJi QiGong Ebook (PDF)
This Reeling Silk TaiJi and QiGong book is a over 80 pages of my clinical observations, teachin..
We all look for something very similar in our personal lives, professional lives and in our ma..
Mindfulness has become a brand of meditation. Even though Mindfulness is just one part of well-r..
Podcast-87 : What to do if you don't believe in sparring, but want to be a Sifu?
Listener wrote in with two questions : * What are you supposed to do when you don't believe ..
I share why it has been a bit since the last podcast and where we are going :)  There is a foll..
Reflections of the Lake Meditation
The Reflections of the Lake is 11 Day Challenge Version for a Reflective Mind There are 2 mp3&nbs..
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