Self Defense

NO woman- under any circumstances – invites, causes or deserves to be assaulted!  It is time to give yourself the tools you need to protect yourself should the situation arise.

Our Self – Defense is designed to assist women to develop the knowledge, awareness and the skill to better protect themselves and loved ones.

 Self defense is neither flashy or complicated, the simpler the moves the better and more effective they are in a high stress situations. With a safe environment and instructors that care about YOU, we can help you discover and take advantage of your natural skill, develop new skills and strengthen your self-confidence.

The syllabus covers the most common scenarios that a woman faces when she is targeted. No self-defense program can cover every possibility; however, we can confidently say that you will learn how to respond to a potentially threatening situation.

Our goal is to make sure you DO something that is effective and works for you when needed!

“Don’t stop moving till the threat is gone”

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The most common way for a woman, or really anyone, to be restrained or trapped is being grabbed by t..   The most common way f.. .. .. .. ..
This class happens once a month to practice what was learned in the Basic Self Defense Course! ..
Its always wise to follow up on the learned material. This 30 min lesson is to re-view and prac..
It is always wise to follow up on the learned material. This 30 min lesson is to re-view what was le..
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